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JOSEPH STIGLITZ - Globalization and its Dscontents
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Used Like New - Paper Back - Delivery in 3-5 days

Globalization and Its Discontents is a book that offers readers everything that they want to know about globalization. It shows how what was meant to be a globally integrated economy that would benefit all the nations that were part of it, has actually turned out to be a highly criticized idea. All of the places where globalization has failed have voiced their feelings of discontentment, which have been steadily increasing in number too. This is what the book is about. The book refrains from taking an anti-globalization stand but instead chooses to highlight many reasons why globalization failed to live up to the expectations of people in certain parts of the world where globalization policies failed to bear fruit. All of the factors that brought about the failure of globalization have been described in detail. In the book, globalization is in itself not considered to be a bad idea as it brings the necessary funding to countries that are in severe want. The author also highlights the multiple policies that were implemented by the international organizations such as IMF and the World Bank. The author is of the opinion that the major drawback of all these organizations is that they considered a generalized way of looking at the problems of all the nations, instead of adopting a more nation-specific outlook. The author illustrates his point with the help of two places, namely South Asia and Russia. An exhaustive source of information on globalization and exactly how things went wrong with it, Globalization and Its Discontents was published by Penguin Books in the year 2012 and is available in paperback. Key Features: This book is by an experienced author who is a powerful authority on globalization.



  • ISBN : 9780141986661

  • Language : English

  • Product Status : ENABLED

  • Product Type : Paper Back

  • Publisher : PENGUIN